Imagine an intelligent network that can think for itself. Remote working so streamlined, it is like being together in the same space. And an intuitive ‘AI in the air’ that takes care of your Wi-Fi around the clock. Juniper Networks imagined it first — and delivered it first too.

Powered by Mist AI’s revolutionary artificial intelligence, Juniper’s suite of hardware and software solutions will bring your business into the future, swiftly and easily.

Mist AI

Juniper AI-Driven Enterprise

Speed, scalability and security are all crucial to your business network. What is more, they are crucial to your entire enterprise too.

Without a competitive, intelligent edge, your enterprise isn’t futureproof – nor is it ready for present day demands.

For this reason, Juniper, driven by Mist AI, has created an entire suite of artificial intelligence-driven business solutions that will streamline your operations.

And as a result, time, energy and resources will no longer be wasted on day-to-day troubleshooting.

The AI-Driven Enterprise is here

Juniper’s AI-Driven Enterprise can create a smarter, faster, more scalable organisation.

Each solution is powered by an artificial intelligence network that thinks for itself and features the world’s first ever Virtual IT & Network Assistant, Marvis.

Juniper, driven by Mist AI, can streamline your operations and create a more user-centred experience that will benefit customers, partners and staff.

What is more, our research has shown that this can result in potential real cost savings of up to 78% on your investment.

What can Juniper offer your organisation?

Juniper has five core enterprise pillars:

Together, these five pillars create a fully futureproofed, AI-driven enterprise.

What is different about Juniper?

  • Leading edge of software-defined area networks
  • Intelligent automation
  • Built-in security as standard
  • Customisable open API technology
  • Network function virtualisation (NFV)

Who is using Juniper?

From hardware to software, Juniper is revolutionising networks globally.

For this reason, some of the world’s most advanced networks are built on Juniper technology, including major telecoms carriers and internet service providers.

And increasingly, Juniper is being adopted by enterprise customers who want a more streamlined, intelligent networking experience — and the added competitive benefits that this brings.

Would you like to try our AI enterprise package?

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Why Nuvias and Juniper?

Nuvias is fully committed to delivering Juniper’s vision of the future. As a result, we have built a team of over 80 dedicated Juniper experts.

Together, this specialised team can help your organisation to adapt to changing trends in networking and make integration as smooth as possible. We can also certify you in Juniper technology.


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