The T4000 Core Router is a true multiservice core routing system that delivers a reliable, high-performance, and flexible architecture to carry a wide breadth of services over a common IP/MPLS infrastructure.



With 3.84 Tbps of line-rate throughput in a half-rack chassis, the T4000 offers the performance required for today’s capacity needs in the core of the network. It delivers 240 Gbps per slot, and supports up to 208 ports of 10GbE or 16 ports of 100GbE interfaces, making it the densest line-rate IP/MPLS routing system.

The T Series family

The T Series family with TX Matrix Plus offers the premier core routing option in the industry—ultra-high capacity core with nonstop operations. Junos OS functionality offers the highest resiliency, high-performance, and flexible applications for backbone networks carrying content-intensive consumer and business traffic.

T4000 Core Router

The T4000 extends Juniper’s proven history of innovation and investment protection by enabling all existing T640 and T1600 systems to be upgraded in-service to T4000 systems.



Densest Multi-TB Capacity

Handles explosive growth with multi-chassis scalability.

High Availability

Brings better network stability, easier operations, and less operational risk from outages and upgrades.

In-Service Upgrades

Provides unprecedented investment protection.

Widest Range of Interface Support

Works with any network configuration including largest Ethernet and SONET/SDH.

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