The Software-defined Secure Network (SDSN) orchestrates network components into an end-to-end defence of people, data, and infrastructure.  SDSN represents a unified defence across multivendor environments, physical and virtual networks, private clouds, and public clouds by calling on real-time intelligence, machine learning, and automated remediation to create powerful protection that mitigates the risk of breach.

Networks are becoming more vulnerable to cyber threats every day.  Using SDSN solutions from Juniper, threats are stopped faster, the economics of the cloud are harnessed to deliver value, and precious IT resource is freed to focus on innovation.

Securing the network

Juniper solutions follow a simple three-step process to create an integrated, highly intuitive approach to securing the network.


Create centralised and adaptive security policies, intelligible for all devices across the network.


Aggregate threat intelligence into one common, cloud-based feed that can be used to inform security policies.


Accelerate policy management, updating policies dynamically, in real-time.

The approach identifies threats as they evolve, by leveraging threat intelligence from multiple sources (including third-party feeds) and tapping into the power of the cloud. And because security policies are enforced consistently across all networks, protective measures can adapt dynamically in response as security events occur.

SDSN Products

Junos Space Security Director

Junos Space Security Director offers a highly scalable and responsive network security management application to improve security policy administration.

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 Juniper Sky Advanced Threat Prevention

Juniper Sky Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) uses real-time information from the cloud to create anti-malware protection and defend against advanced and persistent threats and ransomware.

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Spotlight Secure

Spotlight Secure is a threat intelligence platform that pools live threat data from multiple sources to deliver open, consolidated, actionable intelligence to SRX Series Services Gateways (firewalls) deployed across the network.

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Next-Generation Firewall

Juniper next-generation firewalls adapt as new threats emerge by mining for data from the entire network for threat intelligence and detection.


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