From smooth video calls to fast file sharing to robust security, it has never been more important to have powerful, intelligent Wi-Fi.

Yet at the moment, there is only one business suite in the world that can truly offer this.

Juniper, driven by Mist AI, is the world’s first wireless platform driven by artificial intelligence. As a result, enterprise customers can now make the most of an automated, agile and affordable suite of applications.

AI in the Air

Mist AI is much more than just Wi-Fi — it is an intelligent asset for your business and a virtual, around-the-clock team member.

Powered by Marvis, a Virtual IT & Network Assistant that will communicate with you in everyday language, Mist AI can:

  • Think for itself
  • Troubleshoot issues quickly
  • Free your team from manual IT tasks
  • Streamline remote working
  • Offer real-time insights into users
  • Track devices and inventory
  • Generate big data analytics
  • Make your premises more intelligent

This can result in more satisfied users, streamlined operations, greater productivity and even increased profits.

The Mist AI Difference

  • Multi-location Cloud Wi-Fi
  • Automation and insight through AI
  • Infrastructure that can handle unlimited smart devices
  • Enterprise grade Wi-Fi, BLE and IoT combined
  • Micro-services Cloud architecture
  • Personalised, location-based Wi-Fi
  • User visibility and wired/wireless service levels
  • Programmable cloud for DevOps agility
  • Scalable location services using virtual BLE

Our team can offer:

  • Face to face or remote training
  • Official Mist AI accreditation
  • Nuvias sales engineer support
  • Tailored predictive design service
  • Your own customised app
  • Distributor deal registration


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Why Nuvias and Mist AI?

Nuvias is fully committed to delivering Mist AI to businesses and as a result, has built a team of over 80 dedicated experts.

This specialised team can help your organisation to adapt to changing trends in networking and make integration as smooth as possible. They can even support certifying you in Mist AI technology.


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