Use Kaptivo to improve whiteboard collaboration without changing the way you work. Kaptivo, a camera that attaches to any whiteboard, automatically saves images and shares content in real time.

The Kaptivo whiteboard camera improves remote collaboration and streamlines whiteboard image capture without changing the way you work. Kaptivo, which attaches to the top of any whiteboard, automatically saves images and shares content in real time via livestream or video conference integration. The images are instantly enhanced to remove any reflections, glare, and people blocking the board. Kaptivo transforms the economical whiteboard, found in nearly every office or classroom, into a powerful collaboration tool.

Perfect for any business or educational institution seeking to improve remote collaboration, streamline whiteboard note-taking, and bring a preferred brainstorming tool into the digital age.

Ideal for organisations looking to improve collaboration through whiteboard archiving and livestreaming, while accommodating security policies that restrict access to cloud services.

Designed for educational institutions and enterprises who wish to integrate whiteboard livestreaming into dedicated video systems in the classroom or office.

Key Features:

  • Securely livestream whiteboard content to anyone on any device via web browser or video conference
    without apps, downloads or plug-ins.
  • Download snapshots and multi-page presentations of whiteboard content with important changes.
  • Share images via project management software and video conference integrations.
  • Affordable pricing enables installations across the entire enterprise.


Kaptivo Whiteboard Camera


Why Nuvias and Kaptivo?

Nuvias UC have been appointed as the exclusive distributor for Kaptivo in EMEA. We can help you integrate Kaptivo into your cloud collaboration and video solution, which is fully compatible with a range of solutions including BlueJeans and Polycom – also key vendors in the UC portfolio.


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