Modern security posture is evolving into a multi-layered approach to fight known, unknown, and advanced threats. By addressing threats at every level of the IT infrastructure, multi-layered security reduces the likelihood of attack success. Should a defence breach, there is always another to stand in the way of an assault.

Kaspersky solutions are designed with the flexibility to align with your customers’ business objectives. Always on standby, they protect physical and virtual endpoints, mobile devices, mail systems, servers, gateways, SharePoint portals; practically anything that might present vulnerability.

Kaspersky Products

  • Kaspersky Small Office Security
  • Kaspersky Threat Detection and Response
  • Kaspersky Security for Storage
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud
  • Kaspersky Kaspersky for Office 365
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business – Select
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business – Advanced
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business – Total
  • Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security
  • Kaspersky For Office365
  • Kaspersky Industrial Cybersecurity
  • Kaspersky Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security
  • Kaspersky Security Solutions for Enterprise
  • Kaspersky Mobile Security
  • Kaspersky DDoS Protection
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform
  • Kaspersky Security for Mail Server
  • Kaspersky Security Awareness Training

Ready for anything

Kaspersky’s layered protection is designed to protect businesses of all sizes, from networks that comprise of only a handful of workstations to the most complex networks in the world. Advanced scalability combined with support for all types of endpoints and platforms ensure their solutions cope successfully with even the most challenging and dynamic network structures.


Why Nuvias and Kaspersky?

We are a multi-award-winning distribution partner to Kaspersky. It’s the result of our longstanding partnership and the investments Nuvias has made across the Kaspersky family of solutions. Our dedicated Kaspersky team is a pool of knowledge and resource available for our partners to tap into whenever they need. This is complemented by accredited training courses through the Nuvias Training Centre, expert marketing support, and a host of value-adding services and Nuvias-assured solutions built to fight sophisticated and evolving digital threats.

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