macmon secure provides the highest degree of network security through Network Access Control (NAC) solutions. They ensure companies always know what devices are on their network and can efficiently monitor them and protect them from unauthorised access.

Guest and staff devices that connect to the network can also be easily and securely approved via a guest portal, simplifying the rollout of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programmes.

macmon secure Products

  • NAC Basic
  • Advanced Security
  • IEEE 802.1X
  • Graphical Topology
  • VLAN Manager
  • Guest Services
  • Compliance
  • Trusted Platform
  • Energy

Secure and compliant

Macmon Network Access Control provides a complete overview of your customer’s entire network environment and performs a large number of essential network configurations automatically.

In addition to immediate network transparency for LAN and WLAN, the macmon NAC solution enables compliance with currently valid IT security standards (BSI-certified). Importantly, macmon is vendor-independent and ensures that only authorised devices or devices with defined security standards have access to resources on the network. This is essential as networks become more fragmented, the product of smartphones, computerised machinery, and other devices that require network connectivity.

macmon NAC products are available individually or as a NAC Bundle, Premium Bundle and Add-Ons.


Why Nuvias and macmon?

With wireless and mobility impacting all parts of the business, we believe macmon represents a major opportunity for our partners to address the rising concerns of your customers surrounding NAC. macmon is a simple yet highly effective solution, and while installation can be done in under a day, it offers a significant prospect for partners to generate professional service income. We can technically train and sales-enable our partners to capitalise on this opportunity.

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