The rise of Software-defined Networks (SDN) and the movement towards cloud-based services is provoking IT teams to scrutinise their end-to-end network infrastructure as pressure cranks up to simplify operations and control costs.

With Internet Protocol (IP) and optical networks at play, the prospect of their integration presents the possibility of major wins in performance, economies, and agility.

Evolve separate IP and optical layers into an integrated multi-layer network

Nokia’s integration of IP routing and optical transport networks enables organisations to break down operational silos to unlock scale, agility, and value to develop a single cost-effective and streamlined infrastructure that adapts quickly to changing traffic patterns, and new ways of consuming network services on-demand.

The result is a harmonised and efficient multi-layer network infrastructure that can support legacy applications, protocols and services, and be ready for whatever the future holds thanks to Nokia’s state-of-the-art routing and optical transport technologies and Software-defined Networking (SDN) technology.

Nokia’s integrated IP-optical solution is highly effective, streamlined and programmable. Founded for Telco-grade networks, the design, development, and manufacturing specifications provide maximum performance for constant 24×7 high load networking conditions:

  • Optimise use of routing and transport assets
  • Cut operational costs with streamlined multi-layer operation
  • Easily manage the consumption and monetisation of resources


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