Oracle Communications provides integrated cloud solutions for Service Providers and Enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation journey in a communications-driven world, from network evolution to digital business to customer experience. Oracle delivers communications in the S.A.F.E architecture with world class Security, data-driven Analytics, Flexible delivery models, and Extensible platforms.

Securing the most sessions in the world, Oracle’s Session Border Controller (SBC) solutions consist of trusted edge devices for communications in Fortune 500 companies today. Oracle’s wide range of Communications Solutions deliver consistent network systems while providing a flexible platform for integration of new technologies.

Oracle Communication’s Enterprise Solutions brings a S.A.F.E. architecture to our customers with focus on Security to address the critical needs of real time communications, Analytics that offer a natural progression into machine learning and AI, Flexibility to deploy application on an as-needed basis, and Extensibility to provide open platforms, cutting-edge computing and network, server and storage functionality.

The latest Software Defined Wide Area Network (SDWAN) from Oracle Communications delivers reliable predictable communications for mission critical IP applications like VoIP and videoconferencing. Talari’s SD-WAN platforms are the first true SD-WANs in the marketplace, with the most updates and versions to truly perfect its FailSafe technology. As the only pure software vendor with an SD-WAN offering, Oracle is uniquely positioned to understand and provide the most seamless user experience for your customers. For more information, visit Oracle Communications here.


  • Oracle SD-WAN Edge
  • Oracle SD-WAN Aware
  • Oracle Talari Platforms
  • Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller (eSBC)
  • Oracle Session Border Controllers (Acme Packet Platforms)
  • Oracle FailSafe SD-WAN
  • Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker
  • Oracle Enterprise Operations Monitor
  • Oracle Enterprise Telephony Fraud Monitor
  • Oracle Communications Converged Application Server
  • Oracle Communications Interactive Session Recorder
  • Oracle Communications Session Delivery Manager
  • Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite

Why Nuvias and Oracle Communications?

Following the acquisition of Talari Networks by Oracle Communications, Nuvias is the pan-EMEA distributor for Oracle Failsafe SD WAN, delivering reliable and predictable communications for mission critical applications.

With 24 regional offices, Nuvias offers multi-national resource and capability without sacrificing all-important local presence. Nuvias pioneers a new approach to IT distribution, centred entirely on solutions rather than products. Nuvias provides a wide range of support services, leveraging market knowledge, technology expertise and sales and marketing excellence.


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