Pentera automates testing across all attack surface layers by safely emulating insider and outsider attacks, continuously validating your security risks for always-on readiness and intelligently prioritise patching with a risk-based remediation action plan.


  • continuously validates your security risks for always-one readiness against the latest advanced threats without any prior installation or network configuration.
  • automates testing across all internal and external attack surfaces by safely emulating insider and outsider attacks.
  • intelligently prioritises remediation efforts focusing on the exploit, not just the vulnerability. – AI-driven prioritisation reduces noise, automates alert triage and is 85% more effective at prioritising the threats that matter most to the business.

Pentera offers one solution that discovers, assesses and exploits both internal and external attack surfaces. Pentera proves the potential impact of risk by safely exploiting each security gap, prioritising the criticality and reducing and improving remediation efforts.

Adversaries will always take the path of least resistance to the critical assets. They have a variety of tools, techniques and procedures at their disposal to progress an attack, leveraging any vulnerability and its relevant correlations along the way. Accordingly, the protection methods deployed must beat the adversary – nothing less will do.

Pentera’s offensive security testing goes beyond the static vulnerability scan or assumed simulation to include a full security control testing methodology. This would cover attack emulation frameworks for security controls, vulnerability and credential strength attacks, network equipment testing, privileged access audits, lateral movement steps and much more.

Pentera Products

  • Pentera Core
  • Pentera Surface
  • Pentera RansomwareReady
  • Pentera Credentials Exposure
  • Pentera SVA empowers security teams to turn the tables on attackers with expert 24x7x365 analysts skilled in hybrid and multi-cloud defence.


Why Nuvias & Pentera?

Nuvias offers the channel unrivalled experience in Continuous Security Validation, providing best-of-breed solutions from leading technology providers. Nuvias is proud to be the sole distributor for Pentera in the UK.

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