Voice remains a business-critical part of any organisation, no matter how big or small, and isn’t set to change anytime soon. Most knowledge workers need a phone to function and many of them need to work together, therefore requiring access to audio-conferencing systems.

Using Polycom voice solutions, teams can communicate and collaborate more effectively in the office and on-the-go. By enhancing every phone call and making sure everyone involved can hear clearly and fully participate, communication and collaboration becomes a more natural experience.

Polycom Voice Products

  • Conference phones
  • VOIP desk phones
  • Installed audio
  • Microsoft solutions

Advanced audio drives productivity

Polycom has created a broad line-up of dynamic technology for everywhere your customers require voice to support user productivity and collaboration. From high-quality desk phones to conference phones with directional microphones, they help create engaging experiences using advanced communication technologies. Furthermore, with the popularity of Microsoft Skype for Business.

Polycom has designed and engineered solutions to maximise the Microsoft enterprise voice environment. Today, 70% of all phones used alongside Skype for Business are Polycom devices.

Polycom’s legendary enterprise-class audio ensures every call is crisp, free from interruption, and offers the highest quality experience for all involved. Features like advanced noise cancellation and HD-quality audio makes this possible. As a result, calls are made in twice the clarity versus an ordinary phone, errors are avoided, and even the noisiest location can become an effective workspace. It all goes to support user productivity and help make every call count.


Why Nuvias and Polycom Voice?

Nuvias has a proven pedigree in Polycom voice solutions and deeply understands the commercial and technical nuances that surround building voice into wider collaboration solutions. Multiple award-winners in the Polycom channel, we are exceptionally proud to have had our expertise for creating value added solutions that deliver lasting value formally recognised. For partners looking to work with Polycom voice technology, we offer you a dedicated team of professionals to help fast-track your knowledge and work with you to create and close deals.

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