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Riverbed’s Digital Performance Platform is an integrated family of powerful tools designed to detect and fix application performance issues and reveal how users are interacting with and consuming applications. Together they provide valuable insight that helps IT teams optimise application performance and build application strategies more closely aligned to business need.

Nuvias has been an EMEA-wide Riverbed Distribution Partner since 2005. During this time, we have assembled a leading team of industry experts, qualified and resourced to the highest levels in all things Riverbed.

Our capabilities include:

Riverbed Authorised Support Partner (RASP)

  • Backed by our multi-lingual 24x7x365 support desk

Riverbed Authorised Training Partner (RATP)

  • Through our training centre we offer scheduled, private and online training courses

Riverbed Authorised Consulting Partner (RACP)

  • We’ve been selected to deliver vendor authorised professional service engagements

Riverbed Advanced Access Partner (RAAP)

  • This exclusive position ensures new product developments are shared with us first

It means as our partner you can confidently call on us for technical, commercial or operational support at almost any stage of a project across the entire Riverbed product line. As a result, we make selecting, implementing and supporting Riverbed solutions easy, so both you and your customers see value faster.


Why Nuvias and Riverbed?

Nuvias has enjoyed a successful relationship with Riverbed for over a decade winning EMEA Distributor of the Year award for seven consecutive years. Nuvias played a significant role in the growth of Riverbed and its SteelHead business during this time, and today Riverbed are a strategic vendor within the Nuvias Solutions portfolio across Europe.

Built on these many years of experience, Nuvias have established a delivery model and partner development programme that aligns sales, technical and marketing resource to enable partners to grow and evolve their business with Riverbed technologies.

Through significant investment and long-term commitment in Riverbed dedicated resources, Nuvias is the most highly qualified, skilled and knowledgeable distribution partner in Europe.  We are a highly accredited service, support and training partners and have achieved the highly regarded accolades of Riverbed Authorised Support Partner (RASP), Riverbed Authorised Consulting Partner (RACP), Riverbed Advanced Access Partner (RAAP) and currently the only Riverbed Authorised Training Partner (RATP) in Europe.

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