As businesses undergo digital transformation, they rely on the foundation of a high performing network to handle more data, more complexity and more mobility.

Powered by real time network traffic intelligence, Sinefa provides enterprise-wide insights and control to help businesses drive their digital experience and transformation.

Sinefa’s cloud-native architecture enable persuasive and agnostic traffic visibility coverage of hybrid networks and cloud – legacy WANs, branch/edge, software defined, NFV, cloud, multi-cloud and multi tenanted environments. Extreme simplicity of deployment enables fast network and traffic coverage to create a data lake which provides unprecedented, customer facing visibility.

This channel partnership expands the advanced networking portfolio at Nuvias. Read Nuvias press release.

The Sinefa product family consists of:

  • Real time Live 1-second visibility
  • Active Directory integration
  • Operating system (os) availability
  • Inline & out of path deployments
  • Network Quality
  • Physical, virtual, cloud, RPM & NFV
  • Traffic shaping

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The core differentiators that set Sinefa apart

Instant insights. Real time.

One-second, layer 7, deep packet inspection. Low footprint metadata uses no more than 0.4% of the link.

Over-the-top for 100% coverage.

Over-the-top, pervasive visibility provides 100% coverage to suit any IP network.

Rapid deployment, zeo-config.

Simple and rapid installations at scale keep timelines and costs at their lowest. Intuitive UI requires no training.

Cloud native architecture (uCPE, NFV, containers).

Delivers simplicity, pervasiveness, mobility and speed. Instant network and application visibility solutions.

Application benchmarks.

Benchmark the performance and health of applications to industry and geographic performance indexes.

Traffic Intelligence:

  • Layer 7 real time traffic
  • Any network
  • Virtual & physical probes
  • API-first architecture
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Cloud-native
  • Shape-traffic
  • NFV & uCPE, SD_WAN
  • Mobile app

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“Sinefa’s solution is incredibly easy to install and easy to use… Reporting that used to take up to 24 hours to obtain is now at our fingertips in a matter of minutes.”7-Eleven

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