Smartoptics is an innovative optical network solutions provider that aims to make networking as easy and effective as possible while also making it cost effective for businesses. Hundreds of enterprises and service providers across all continents has chosen Smartoptics for their business-critical network applications. Smartoptics is the challenger bringing innovation and openness to networks across the globe.


Smartoptics Products

Smartoptics TransceiverOptical Transceivers

Getting the most out of your fiber network means options: A range of flexible modules that cover all of your network needs. Optical transceivers for starters. Our products can be purchased and then re-reprogrammed for additional use through something we call, “SmartHub.” Saving timeand money when network demands change.

Our optical transceivers handle all storage, data, voice and video traffic whether linking rack to rack, bottom to top of rack, data center to data center or enterprise networks to network. Exclusively approved 8/16/32 Gbps Fibre Channel solutions allow SAN networks to be connected simply and conveniently for up to 400 kilometers and more, apart. For long distance transmission of 10/100/400 Gbps signals, we use our DCP-M/-R platform, translating into greater network power at lower cost.

Smartoptics TransceiverOpen Line Systems

With an open architecture the functionality of once monolithic optical transport systems can be disaggregated, using embedded transceivers, open line systems and SDN control, resulting in a much better price/performance. Smartoptics has therefore developed the Dynamic Connectivity Platform (DCP) for active open line systems of all types, may they be simple point-to-point links or advanced, ROADM-based, ring and mesh networks. To fit all the varying needs of an open line system, the DCP platform comes in three flavours – the DCP-M, the DCP-R and the DCP-F families – each optimized for a particular type of optical network

Reduced cost – Unprecedented level of cost efficiency and ROI for DCI and Metro. The end result: reduction in price, fewer spare parts and lower operating cost.

User friendly – Complete zero-touch automatic optical setup, just like using a passive multiplexer.

Green – Low power consumption. Small form-factor. Ultimate green data solutions.

Smartoptics DCP-M-DCP-M40-PAM4-ERDCP-M

An Open Line Platform Designed for DCI

DCP-M is a true open line DWDM platform designed specifically for modern DCI. DCP-M has the form factor and usability of a passive multiplexer, but unlike a passive multiplexer it monitors the traffic, amplifies the signals for longer distances and can handle higher data rate protocols. DCP-M provides everything required for an open line system and is simple, reliable and open for all DCI protocol types. DCP-M offers an unparalleled level of plug and play simplicity regardless of traffic type and network application. The DCP-M family comprises four models for either 8 or 40 channels, dedicated for either 100G DWDM PAM4 traffic or for applications with any mix of PAM4, NRZ and coherent 100/400G channels.

Smartoptics DCP-F-DCP-F-R22DCP-F

Dual Equalizer with EDFA Amplifier and Channel Monitor

Lowering the cost and increasing the flexibility of the optical network is high on the agenda for most enterprises and operators. Smartoptics, recognizing the need for a modern and open approach to optical networking, has therefore developed the versatile DCP-F family of open line system units. The family allows for an unprecedented flexibility in configuring point-to-point, ring, and mesh topologies at the lowest possible cost.

Smartoptics DCP-R-DCP-R-9D-CSDCP-R

An Open Line System Platform Designed for Flexible Networks

For networks where wavelength manageability, capacity and reliability are at a premium, the Smartoptics DCP-R family of multi-degree ROADMs is the optimal choice. The DCP-R is a dedicated 1U per degree ROADM with FlexGrid, directionless, contention less and colorless capabilities. The ROADM, with integrated mux/demux for local add/drop, is designed for use with 400ZR transceivers as well as with legacy 100G and 200G coherent signals. The DCP-R-Metro is designed to be used in for ring or meshed metro applications with up to 9-degrees.

Smartoptics DCP-404Passive Optical Networks

Multiplexers and Oadms – Powerful Passive Optical Networking

At Smartoptics, we offer everything to help you get more out of your fiber networks. Including multiplexers and optical add/drop multiplexers (OADMs). An optical multiplexer combines wavelength channels onto an optical transmission fiber. OADMs are used in WDM systems for multiplexing and routing fiber optic signals, selectively adding and dropping individual or sets of wavelength channels from a DWDM stream. Both give you more flexibility in terms of the volume of traffic and type of data you want to transmit.


DCP-Series Transponders – Feature Rich and Scalable Network Expansion

Everything in the DCP transponder portfolio is plug-and-play. No new cabinets, no need to build up complex DWDM knowledge. DCP allows for a much more convenient distributed DWDM architecture throughout the data center with DCP modules placed close to where they need.


A Muxponder for 400zr+ Dwdm Applications

In 100G configurations where low cost multiplexing and bandwidth utilisation are important factors, the DCP-404 open muxponder is the ideal solution. Equipped with 400G OpenZR+ DWDM transceivers, the DCP-404 is the ideal product for multiplexing 100G services in a cost-efficient way at the subscriber premises. The DCP-404 has support for 4 x 100G with QSFP28 on the client side and 1 x 400G with QSFP-DD on the line side. This includes support for a flexible range of QSFP28 client types (with and without FEC) and 400ZR+ DWDM optics on the line side.


About Smartoptics

Smartoptics provides innovative optical networking solutions and devices for the new era of open networking. We focus on solving network challenges and increasing our customers efficiency. Our customer base includes thousands of enterprises, governments, cloud providers, Internet exchanges as well as cable and telecom operators.

We leverage modern software design principles and expand network horizons by having an open networking approach. This allows our customers the freedom to remain flexible and reduce costs.

Our solutions are based on open networking standards and are used in metro and regional network applications that increasingly rely on data center services and specifications. Our products are based on in-house developed hardware and software, enhanced through associated services.

Smartoptics is a Scandinavian company founded in 2006. We partner with leading technology and network solution providers and uphold numerous certifications and approvals from major switching and storage solution providers such as Brocade, Cisco and Dell EMC.

We have global reach through our own sales force and more than 100 business partners including distributors, OEMs and VARs.

We take pride in being responsive, trustworthy and innovative.


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Why Nuvias and Smartoptics?

Nuvias partners with Smartoptics to offer intelligent network solutions in line with current business requirements.

We provide a competitive offering with high-quality, integrated solutions.

Smartoptics have been providing Open Line Systems for large storage networks since 2010, but with recent advancements in 100G QSFP28-DWDM, the benefits for customers networks have increased considerably. This technology enjoys a high level of interoperability, as it is supported natively by most network supplies vendors.


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