Smartoptics designs and enhances existing optical fibre optic networks through CWDM and DWDM based solutions. It’s a technology that increases bandwidth by sending different data streams at different frequencies over a single dark fibre network. The Smartoptics solution focuses on providing simple and cost effective enterprise grade solutions instead of complicated telecom grade solutions that are over the top in terms of price and complexity.

Smartoptics Products

  • Optical transceivers
  • Multiplexers and OADMS
  • Transponders and Muxponders
  • Intelligent Distance Extension Multiplexers


Why Nuvias and Smartoptics?

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Smartoptics is an international provider with thousands of installations all around the world. The company’s award-winning approach has helped companies from every industry sector stay ahead of expanding network demands and at Nuvias we’re pleased to be able to include Smartoptics in our portfolio. As a SmartOptics distribution partner, Nuvias has resident experts on-hand to advise on product compatibility, so you can offer competitive and credible alternatives on your next networking deal.

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