Virtana help your customers to simplify their hybrid IT infrastructure management, while offering comprehensive infrastructure monitoring and workload performance analytics.


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The VirtualWisdom hybrid infrastructure management and AIOps platform combines real-time monitoring and analytics to ensure the performance, health, and utilisation of the infrastructure that supports mission-critical applications. The full-stack solution enables customers to understand application workload behaviour and proactively optimise IT infrastructure from the data centre to the cloud.

This award-winning, vendor-agnostic monitoring and analytics platform combines application to infrastructure topology mapping, real-time data collection, and machine-learning analytics to provide actionable insights within the context of the applications utilising the infrastructure.

VirtualWisdom users can proactively assure application performance, predict capacity utilisation, balance workloads across infrastructure resources, and immediately identify root causes of problems.  This results in substantial CAPEX and OPEX savings across both your data center and the public cloud.

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Why Nuvias and Virtana?

Nuvias offers the channel extensive Application, Network and Infrastructure monitoring experience, from a selection of leading technology providers. Nuvias is proud to be a pan-EMEA distributor for Virtual Instruments in recognition of their technology leadership.

For partners interested AIOps opportunities, we have built a series of Nuvias-assured solutions suitable for large enterprises. We converge Virtual Instruments with other technologies in our portfolio to offer ready-made solutions you can quickly take to market. We can also give you a test drive of the platform or provide you with a downloadable product to see for yourself what your customers can experience.

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