Infrastructure as Code for Juniper NetOps

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Juniper network devices such as switches and routers are set up by amending a configuration file which stores the complete configuration and settings of the device. As the number of devices increases, managing them becomes a time-consuming manual task with more and more files and versions to maintain. Solutions to the problem such as management software and overlay networks are costly and not always appropriate for the organisation’s needs so many continue to manage their devices manually. Not only is this inefficient but can have other adverse consequences such as a lack of change control and version control, duplicate files stored in multiple locations, infrequent backups of configuration files and a lack of visibility of device changes.

The Solution

The Nuvias Juniper Rapid Deployment Blueprint is a pre-configured workflow that automates the Juniper network device configuration process. It is modular, allowing you to add essential functions and tailor the process for your specific needs.
Instead of storing configuration files locally or in multiple locations, we use a central repository for configuration control, ensuring that all files are managed and can be accessed by authorised personnel for secure, managed access control. When a configuration change is required, the engineer checks out the file and makes the change – this can be integrated with existing request processes such as service desk ticketing if required. A modern CI / CD pipeline approach initiates an automatic approval process and then the change is automatically tested. If the test fails, the engineer is notified to review the change but if successful, the engineer simply pushes the change to the Juniper device or schedules it for a suitable time at which it is automatically executed and all records are updated.

The diagram below illustrates the workflow:

The Benefits

There are many benefits of adopting the Nuvias Rapid Deployment Blueprint including:

  • Significant time saving – rapid deployment of new devices and reduction in man-hours and overtime to manage configuration changes
  • Automated testing built-in to ensure successful changes and reduce manual errors
  • Built-in change control with approval process if required
  • Audit trail of who made and authorised changes for accountability
  • Automated backup of configuration files and changes
  • Built-in version control of changes with ability to revert back if required
  • Provides governance to prevent duplication, local storage, multiple locations etc
  • Easy adoption for new / junior staff to free up skilled engineers

Use Case

Nuvias have deployed the Juniper Rapid Deployment Blueprint within our logistics partner to pre-stage and pre-deploy Juniper networking devices before they are delivered to customers. They had been working on their own automation solution to make efficiencies and reduce errors which had been causing a number of issues. The Juniper Rapid Deployment blueprint was exactly what they needed and they liked the fact that it was pre-integrated so easy to deploy and saved them building their own solution. However, it also presented additional business benefits such as change control, governance and pre-deployment testing on top of the core efficiency gains which were welcomed.


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