EU authorities officially approved Infinigate’s acquisition of Nuvias in October 2022. The acquisition establishes Infinigate as a pan-European Cyber Security powerhouse and will create a platform of continued above-market growth in Europe. Nuvias, an Infinigate Group company, is committed to ensuring that all business conforms to the highest ethical code of conduct. We are merging and upgrading our Environmental, Social and governance programmes so some of our policies have been updated

Who we are and what we do

Nuvias is a distributor of ICT technologies and services in the Cyber Security and Intelligent Networking arenas.  Nuvias is part of the Rigby Group of businesses and operates in the ICT channel, connecting vendor technologies with ICT resellers and fulfilling business requirements with value-added services.

Nuvias delivers services across its vendor portfolio to ICT reselling partners and their customers, without any end-user direct engagement. We operate throughout Europe, supplying our customers with physical, stocked goods from our warehousing locations in the UK and EU, and also directly from our vendor partners.

Throughout our regions we employ approximately 500 staff and welcome diversity within our community.

At Nuvias, it is our policy to conduct all our business activities in an honest and ethical manner, which contributes to sustainable development. We aim to build trust by demonstrating integrity, transparency and fair treatment in everything that we do, including ensuring equity in our workplace and complying with current laws. We have a code of conduct which underpins our commitment to operate in ethical, accountable and transparent manner, as we work to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our company, to help future-proof our business. We take into account the expectations of our stakeholders as we work together with shared values and understanding that facilitate co-operation and to drive innovation. We gain credibility by honouring our commitments, role modelling honesty and integrity, and achieving company goals by means of our honourable conduct.

Looking after Nuvias employees

team buildingNuvias recognises that our success and reputation depend on the wellbeing, effectiveness, conduct and skill base of our employees. We are committed to continuous improvement in all these areas.

To help employees fully understand the company’s position on ethical issues and to guide employees with their day-to-day decision making, Nuvias Group has a Code of Professional Conduct in place, available in multiple languages across all countries of operation, supported by e-learning modules.

At Nuvias, we are committed to the equal treatment of all employees and to provide a safe working environment, free from bullying and harassment, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. As an equal opportunities’ employer, our aim is to recognise and value diversity as a strength and to foster an inclusive workplace in which employees have the opportunity to contribute and develop according to their individual merits. All our employees are paid above national statutory minimum pay rates, and compensation is competitive with reference to the relevant markets. We regularly support our employees with training & development and career progression advice.

We have implemented several initiatives across multiple countries. This includes a new performance appraisal process and increased enablement tools. The Company provides workplaces of a high standard for the benefit of our employees, customers, vendors and other visitors, with equally high standards of adherence to health and safety requirements. The Company is taking an active stance on mental fitness and providing employee wellness support services and education. In many of the countries where the Company operates, employees receive additional benefits to those required by local legislation.

Suppliers’ Standards

warehouseNuvias has created the Infinigate Supplier Code of Conduct which highlights its expectations from its suppliers and partners.  The code forms integral ethical part of the onboarding process for all new vendors joining the Nuvias portfolio. Additionally, we also complete reviews on our suppliers to evaluate and review performance against our code of conduct. We proud to be part of the growth and opportunities from our customers to create an ethical and responsible supply chain.

Download Full Suppliers Code of Conduct

Protecting the Environment

free bird in natureThe Nuvias Group Environmental Policy, expresses our commitment to do the right thing, decarbonising our company, by implementing policies that support a positive impact on both our workforce and planet. It requires that we identify the root cause of internal environmental problems and approach issues with a dedication to long-term change. Our commitment to sustainability paves the way for Nuvias to have a positive impact on the environment, in the service of building a better future for all.

Nuvias will operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and, committing to our customers’ requirements, we will strive to use pollution prevention and environmental best practices in all we do.

Download Full Environmental Policy

Community Engagement

planting treesNuvias actively encourages its employees to contribute to charity by providing match-funding for causes that carry particular resonance for them. We offer paid volunteering days to help local community projects or charities, and hold events in collaboration with employees, vendors and partners to raise funds for charitable causes.

We support local communities through sponsorship for sports-based activities for youth groups.

The Company provides apprenticeships across several countries in commercial and administrative functions.  This has led to many of the apprentices from local communities joining the business on a permanent basis.

Download Corporate responsibility PDF

 Corporate Social Responsibility report for 2021 coverDownload the Nuvias Group’s CSR Report for 2021

Code of Professional Code

Modern Slavery Policy and Trafficking Statement

Whistle Blowing Statement

Health and Safety Statement

Waste Framework Directive