Accelerating out of a crisis: the power of visibility

As lockdown begins to be lifted and business operations look to resume, organisations across the world are looking at how they can manage the current situation, accelerate their operations and gain momentum.

Most businesses will need to support employees who are working from home for some time. This means technology will be, more than ever, the backbone of business productivity.

This is where Virtual Private Network (VPN) monitoring, visibility and optimisation comes into its own. VPNs are critical to keeping commercial, government and healthcare organisations running. Business VPNs protect the data employees send and receive online and safeguard their connections from malicious interception. If your VPN does not function efficiently or securely, your whole business can be impacted, with users offline or exposed to cyber threats, from phishing to zero-day attacks.

Safety and security

Providing a robust, collaborative virtual environment for your team when working from home is imperative, as it helps them keep motivated and productive. Without secure optimised VPN connections and visibility into traffic and users across the network businesses simply cannot operate efficiently with a remote workforce.

Technology companies across the world have found that employees are open to embracing home-working practices on an ongoing basis, with the role of the physical office as a long-term fixture or working life is now in doubt. Research conducted by Gartner found that 74% of the 317 CFOs surveyed expect that at the very least 5% of their employees will work from home on a permanent basis once lockdown restrictions are lifted, and 17 percent expect 20 percent will remain remote. According to Gartner, CFOs are looking for new ways to manage costs — not an unreasonable or unexpected objective.

With a groundswell of support for this operating model, businesses need to make the appropriate technology choices to be successful. Enterprise VPN solutions are an essential element to ensure a secure network and protect data integrity, especially for companies working with sensitive data.

Visibility through outages

work from home VPN monitoringWorking from home in the digital age requires high levels of uptime. Internet service providers (ISPs) are under pressure as the vast majority of the population has dramatically increased its digital footprint. Recent data from network intelligence company ThousandEyes, found that UK internet outages remained high in May despite an overall drop in global outages. As bandwidth-hungry activities such as video conferencing become business-critical, a poor connection is more than just an inconvenience for businesses. Losing connection during a vital sales call or missing a deadline due to being unable to access the network are very real challenges employees are facing today.

This can be remedied through an optimised VPN solution offering remote monitoring, problem solving and troubleshooting capabilities. The right VPN solution will also help businesses identify any application latency issues across the network. With ISPs overwhelmed by customers queries, this is an especially valuable service as it allows business to support employees who are experiencing issues when working from home.

Nuvias’ partners have access to a wealth of enhanced VPN solutions that address these challenges in the short and longer-term.  Nuvias VPN performance, management and monitoring solutions will fit a range of user requirements, whether for an enterprise or a small to medium sized business and irrespective of the end-users chosen VPN technology.

These solutions have some fundamental advantages, including:

  • Software and cloud-based to enable remote set-up and fast deployment
  • Quick to purchase and deploy to address immediate needs
  • Available as free trials and on a subscription basis for flexibility

VPN monitoring solutions for the enterprise

NETSCOUT logoThe NETSCOUT Enterprise Monitoring Service provides comprehensive VPN Monitoring tools. This enables your customers to have clear visibility of both incoming bandwidth and VPN gateway resources, ensuring IT teams can easily manage the health of their business operations. This solution enables IT teams to rapidly react to issues, such as network congestions and manage the health of business operations successfully.

VPN monitoring solutions for SMBs up to enterprise level business

Riverbed Performance Acceleration and Aternity End-user Experience Monitoring  combine to a unique offering that will give IT teams remote eyes into their end-user experience. This fast to deploy solution will give home workers the same experience as though they were working from the office and help businesses to maintain high levels of operational efficiency.

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Underpinning your approach to IT with effective visibility solutions has never been more important. Keeping your employees secure and productive online is crucial for businesses to thrive as we accelerate out of the COVID-19 crisis. For additional information about the solutions we provide, please contact us.