Nuvias’ New Sustainability Initiatives, For a Greener IT Channel

The pandemic put the burgeoning environmental efforts within the IT industry on temporary hold but there are signs of resurgence, as the announcements of several major players, including Apple, Microsoft, HP and Dell, demonstrate.

During the Coronavirus crisis we proved we can move swiftly to adapt to new requirements. If we can apply the same urgency and agility to the environment, it will not become the next critical emergency. The lockdown might have helped us gain renewed perspective and a sense of responsibility towards our planet. There has never been a better time to build something positive together.

restore our earth2021 has all the makings of being the year of the environment, with a growing show of commitment to the cause, as the UK prepares to host the UN’s Climate Change Conference, later this year. The IT channel has a responsibility and an opportunity to contribute towards the common goal of protecting our planet.

In order to generate momentum, Nuvias is investing in new initiatives to help drive towards a greener IT channel this year, strengthening our environmental policy and building on the results achieved so far.

Our plan of action for sustainability is articulated across four main commitments:

  • Driving environmentally responsible behaviour in the channel, through the promotion and delivery of recycling initiatives with a positive impact.
  • Reducing use of environmental resources (eg. paper, water, non-renewable energy).
  • Partnering with companies with strong environmental credentials and practices.
  • Reinvesting in environmental and social projects.

In 2021 we are introducing an IT recycling scheme that channel partners can use to ensure IT equipment gets recycled responsibly, to safeguard the environment. Nuvias will reinvest the proceeds from this activity into one of our selected European environmental and social charities.

Nuvias will continue to reduce its operational dependency on natural resources through 2021 and beyond. We have selected a logistics partner who has strong environmental ethos. UPS’ carbon reduction strategy incorporates the use of lower-carbon, renewable fuels, fuel-efficient aircrafts, electric delivery trucks, lower-carbon electricity and renewable energy as well as intelligent route optimisation, saving miles and fuel.

In 2021 Nuvias is committed to 40% reduction in business travel by increasing its usage of video-conferencing and remote working solutions.

Ultimately, we believe meaningful results can only be achieved by working in concert with other industry and channel players through a common environmental code of conduct that takes us on the path to carbon neutrality. Hence our collaboration with vendors such as Fortinet, Juniper Networks, Netscout Nokia, Riverbed and WatchGuard, who have a strong commitment and robust strategies in CSR.


For more information on Nuvias’ Environmental policy please contact [email protected]