How Can Your Customers Benefit From The Pexip Platform?

Nuvias UC’s partnership with Pexip coincided with the launch of their IPO on the Norweigian stock market just one month prior. But what makes Pexip such a popular and easy-to-use platform, and why did we decide to partner with Pexip and bring their intuitive platform to the UC channel?

Back in June, Nuvias UC partnered with Norwegian based video conferencing platform, Pexip.

Since then we’ve been committed to bringing together our industry leading knowledge of video conferencing deployment, with Pexip’s intuitive interop platform.

But this partnership hasn’t just appeared out of nowhere. There’s good reasoning behind partnering with a platform that brings all your customer’s video conferencing solutions together.

Pexip’s rebranding story might be a new one, compared to some of the other players in the video conferencing space, but should definitely not be overlooked as platform that’s quickly making a name for itself – and with good reason.

Who are Pexip?

Back in 2019, Pexip merged with Videxio – a Cloud video service provider – to offer a cost-effective solution with a range of deployment options to fit any customer need (more about that later).

Pexip aims to be the mid-point where teams and technology meet to make collaboration as easy and painless as possible.

IPO the Pexip way

So confident are they (us included) that their platform can be that interop video solution your customers are looking for, they even launched their IPO in the middle of a pandemic.

With no way of being able to attend meetings in person, Pexip conducted 99% of the IPO process using their own platform.

These meetings took place across 15 cities worldwide with their CEO, Odd Sverre Østlie, estimating that this “saved over 1700 hours of travel time alone […] and over 80 tons of CO2”.

This process proved incredibly efficient, despite the external restrictions being faced, further showing the platform’s capacity to adapt and connect users to important meetings without interruption.


Why Pexip for your customers?

Pexip were born from the need to simplify video communication. Connecting users to whoever they want, whenever they want.

They offer a range of deployment options to suit all manner of customer requirements.

Whether as-a-service or self-hosted. Either on-premise or via any Cloud environment. Pexip make it easy for end-users to walk into a Cisco-equipped meeting room and immediately join the Microsoft Teams all-hands meeting or Google Hangout.

With Pexip there is no need for your customers to replace expensive, existing video conferencing solutions. They offer a bridge between their older systems and the Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts Meet eco-system.

Simplifying the video conferencing process is made even easier with their One-Touch Join. Users can dial into a Pexip meeting using the integrated feature that’s built directly into their company calendar environment.

There’s no need to dial into a meeting manually or search around for the meeting link. The process is simple:

  1. Users schedule a new video meeting as they usually would and include the meeting room resource for the relevant video system.
  2. Upcoming meetings are displayed on the touch panel of the video system that has been added to the meeting invite with a shortcut Join button.
  3. To join the meeting, users simply push one button on the touch panel.

Why Nuvias for Pexip?

“The video opportunity for partners is vast and Nuvias has the  best-in-class vendors, dedicated video engineering and installation team, pre-sales experts and full sales and marketing enablement to support them in maximising this.”

Steve Harris, CEO of Nuvias UC.

We understand the importance of clear and reliable video communication, particularly in this day and age.

Offering Pexip through Nuvias UC means you’re giving your customers more than just the platform and the wealth of features it offers.

You’ll be eligible for additional, value-added support that we pride ourselves on that sets us apart from the rest.

Partner enablement, marketing resource and renewal assistance are just some of the extras unlocked when partnering with Pexip through Nuvias UC.

Give us a call on 01635 225 000 or email [email protected] to start offering Pexip to your customers today.