With user productivity and tangible revenues so closely tied to the critical applications organisations run, it’s hard to understand why there is so much room for application performance improvement for so many. Whether we’re talking e-commerce or enterprise resource planning (ERP), applications are now at the very foundation of how most businesses do business.

Looking for a needle in a haystack

Tech savvy users, be they customers or staff, expect applications to work all the time and get frustrated when hampered by them or unable to get what they need on-demand. A poorly performing, or worse still, failed application ultimately costs time and money.

However, optimising and troubleshooting application performance to minimise downtime and accelerate business productivity is not easy. Host infrastructure and modes of application delivery grow ever more complex with cloud, Software as a Service, hybrid networks, and mobility all featuring in a typical IT environment. While there are countless tools to help, they’re often limited or specialist, offering an incomplete view of where the issue of bottleneck might be. IT teams compensate through time and resource, but without the right tools, discovering it is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

A unified view of performance

Through our Application Optimisation Practice, Nuvias has identified Application Performance Management solutions that capture and analyse performance data, deeply and broadly, across all networks and applications, while monitoring end-user experience across all users, all the time. We provide visibility and insight to ensure optimal performance of enterprise applications while maximising IT efficiency and productivity.

All our solutions are modular in nature, enabling our partners to ‘land and expand’ – initially monitoring any aspect of performance and then adding functionality to the solution as your customers’ needs change. It means over time you can eventually offer a completely unified performance view of everything.

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