DevOps is about developing the best apps and services in the shortest possible time. The developers involved in a project might be in different offices, or even in a different country. With people potentially spread far and wide and developments literally occurring by the moment, reviewing and managing each contribution to avoid conflicts and track changes is critical to any DevOps project success.
Git is an open-source version control system that was started by Linus Torvalds – the same person who created Linux – and is the preferred system for the vast majority of software developers. GitHub is an enterprise platform where organisations of all sizes can collaborate simultaneously and be confident in preserving version control as the project matures.

Smarter DevOps

GitHub creates a central repository for DevOps projects, meaning there’s one secure place to plan, build, review, and ship software. Bugs are fixed faster, and good ideas discussed as they happen and right next to the code they refer to. GitHub also connects businesses with the millions of other developers using GitHub where code is shared, making it possible to build on top of other programs already successfully developed.

Importantly, GitHub can be provided on-premise or on Amazon Web Services, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.

Nuvias is a provider of GitHub Enterprise. We have everything in place to help your customer take advantage of this powerful tool and start developing the apps and software that will make them more competitive and see IT best serve the needs of their business.

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