Sliding Doors with Riverbed SaaS Accelerator

While a move to remote working was already well underway before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the lockdown has profoundly accelerated the shift. Whatever the ‘new normal’ looks like, remote working will be part of it.

But this comes with a raft of challenges – one of which is that home working can be made unbearably frustrating if you experience slow connections to key applications. The small losses in time quickly add up, impacting productivity and limiting the flexibility teams now need to succeed.

One of the biggest time-losses for employees is tied to slow speeds in business-critical SaaS applications. They are incredibly detrimental to productivity, so much so that research from Zen Internet estimates that employees could be losing as much as 72 minutes of work a day just from slow connections. That is 14 minutes more than the average UK commute takes! For businesses that rely heavily on SaaS platforms, a slow connection can seriously impact business operations and growth.riverbed logo

To illustrate the impact that slow SaaS applications can have, let’s take a look at the film Sliding Doors. The plot follows a story from two alternative perspectives, to explore the idea that one small change can have an enormous impact. We’ll run our experiment using the Riverbed SaaS Accelerator, a software-defined, cloud-based service.

Meet the team

We join Sam and her team putting the finishing touches to a proposal for a new prospect. The prospect has been a long-term target, and this is the final stage of the procurement process. Today is about finalising the presentation and getting it submitted.

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Every minute counts

This simple story demonstrates the difference that app performance can make. Thanks to it, the team can make the most of their available connectivity, experiencing a significant boost in speed when accessing SaaS apps – including Office 365 and Salesforce – without any necessary change in their internet bandwidth. These time savings quickly add up and deliver welcome boosts in productivity while creating flexibility for the team to secure more new business. At a time when remote working, resilience and agility are top of the agenda, the benefits of Riverbed’s SaaS Accelerator are especially relevant.

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