These platforms give time-division multiplexing (TDM) and serial and analogue circuit-based applications reliable access to next-generation IP networks with all of their cost, redundancy, and efficiency advantages.


The CTP Series

The CTP Series includes the Juniper Networks CTP150, CTP2008, CTP2024, CTP2056 Circuit to Packet Platforms, and the Juniper Networks CTPView Network Management System. The products are designed for government agencies, enterprises, and service providers running circuit-based applications, and range in size, port capacity, and redundancy options.



CTP150 supports up to 8 T1/E1 interfaces, 8 serial interfaces, or 4 of each.


CTP2008 handles 8 interfaces of circuit emulation traffic.


CTP2024 handles 24 interfaces of circuit emulation traffic.


CTP2056 handles up to 56 interfaces of circuit emulation traffic.



Includes monitoring tools

Includes tools to monitor network availability, report on IP network performance, provision circuits, and troubleshoot circuit issues through a web-based GUI.

Connects digital and analogue voice applications across IP

Provides the advantages of converged multiservice IP networking without the complexities and cost required for VoIP upgrades by connecting digital and analogue voice applications across the IP network.

Reliably transports TDM across IP/MPLS

Provides the advanced technology and features required to reliably transport time-division multiplexing and other circuit-based applications across next-generation IP/ MPLS networks.

Integrates signalling channels

The platform allows your IP/MPLS network to carry dedicated T1/E1 Signalling System No. 7 (SS7) links.

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