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As the threat landscape continues to accelerate and evolve, the security industry continues to respond with a variety of disparate new detection technologies. Unfortunately, this approach results in customers struggling to manage a patchwork of uncoordinated security tools, leaving a gap between detection and enforcement at the firewall. Many next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) include integrated capabilities, such as intrusion prevention system (IPS), antivirus signatures, and proprietary reputation feeds, but they are closed systems that are not capable of taking full advantage of the highly diverse third-party and custom feeds utilised by customers, specific to their industry.

Spotlight Secure Threat Intelligence Platform addresses these challenges and constraints by aggregating threat feeds from multiple sources to deliver open, consolidated, actionable intelligence to SRX Series Services Gateways across the organisation. These sources include Juniper threat feeds from their cloud-based service, third-party threat feeds, and threat detection technologies that the customer can deploy. Administrators are able to define enforcement policies from all feeds via a single, centralised management point, Junos Space Security Director.



Open and Customisable Intelligence Platform

Based upon Juniper’s optimised threat feeds (C&C/anti-bot, GeoIP, and global attacker fingerprint data), as well as custom or third-party feeds for policy enforcement.

Scalable Security

Enables simultaneous application of security intelligence policies to thousands of SRX Series firewalls using Junos Space Security Director.

High Threat Data Capacity

SRX Series is the only firewall to support over a million feed entries that can be used both for Juniper and/or customer feeds.

Effective Protection

Only the latest and most relevant intelligence is sent to the SRX Series firewall to maximise resource utilisation, ensure rapid enforcement, and reduce false positives. Threat ratings for each allow severity-based policies.

Operational Efficiency

Security Director gives a single pane view of firewall policies, threat intelligence feeds, and enforcement status, and the latest aggregated threat intelligence can automatically syndicate across the entire firewall estate.

Customisable Protection

Users have several options for monitoring and blocking traffic to and from specific locations and applying whitelists and blacklists to their own and third-party data feeds.

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