In today’s complex and changeable threat environment, deep visibility into network and threat behaviour is critical to maintain an effective security posture. The ability to quickly understand threats and their corresponding remediation enables security teams to keep their organisations safe.

space security

Junos Space Security Director provides security policy management through an intuitive, centralised interface that offers enforcement across emerging and traditional risk vectors. Using intelligent dashboards and reporting features, insight is obtained into threats, compromised devices, risky applications, and more.

As an application running on the Junos Space platform, Security Director gives administrators extensive security management and granular policy control network-wide. It helps teams quickly manage all phases of the security policy lifecycle for stateful firewall, security intelligence, unified threat management (UTM), intrusion prevention system (IPS), AppFW, VPN, and Network Address Translation (NAT).

Policy Enforcer, a key Security Director capability, enhances unified management by working with Juniper Sky Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) cloud-delivered malware detection. Policy Enforcer uses information gathered and reported by Sky ATP to learn about and rapidly respond to new threat conditions. With this information, Policy Enforcer can automatically update policies and deploy new enforcement to firewalls and switches, quarantining and tracking infected hosts to stop the progress of threats.



Centralised Security Management

Centrally configure and manage application security, firewalls, and security intelligence, along with VPN, IPS, and NAT security policies, all through a single interface.

Policy Definition and Enforcement

Define and enforce policies for controlling use of specific applications such as Facebook and embedded social networking widgets.

Automated Policy Enforcement

Applies consistent threat remediation across heterogeneous network environments that span SRX Series firewalls, EX and QFX switches, and third-party network switches.

Scalable Security Policy

Extend a security policy across multiple SRX Series firewalls and manage several LSYS instances on a single SRX Series device.

Network Infrastructure Optimisation

Helps IT teams optimise the network infrastructure for security management innovations through integration with the open, secure Junos Space Network Management Platform.

New Threat Detection

Detects new threats and deploys new enforcement policies automatically to firewalls and switches through Policy Enforcer.

Automated Security Policies

Leverages and automates security policies for improved enforcement accuracy, consistency, and compliance.

Integrated Logging and Reporting

Provides detailed reporting with logging capabilities through integration with the Junos Space Log Director application.

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