Businesses of all sizes rely on applications and infrastructure to provide critical functions and processes, but almost all businesses at some point will suffer from degraded performance, which in turn will have an impact on its day-to-day business, employee productivity, and profitability.

In today’s time-critical working environment, and with an increasing reliance in the workforce on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud or outsourced applications and tools, a network visibility solution which can provide insight into end-to-end performance and deliver a root-cause diagnostic is essential.

Actionable intelligence for business and IT

Nuvias has tailor-made a family of visibility and analytics solutions which are capable of monitoring network, application, and infrastructure performance to provide visibility reaching from the actual end user experience through to data centre and cloud infrastructure or services.  They create a complete picture of performance and pinpoint exactly where problems are occurring so they can be pre-empted or remedied quickly.

From these solutions, we create actionable intelligence that can be contextualised for everyone from the board director to network administrator.  It means:

  • Executives see information that directly correlates with business performance
  • IT sees the diagnostic information that optimises systems or helps troubleshoot a fix
  • Hard evidence is available to justify IT investments
  • Applications and services can be closely sculpted around the user
  • The mean time to innocence (MTTI) for functional IT teams is reduced

Why Nuvias for Network visibility and analytics?

The Nuvias Advanced Networking team has undertaken rigorous due diligence to arrive at Nuvias-assured visibility and analytics solutions you can depend on.  Each can be deployed as standalone physical or virtual appliances, or as network functions virtualisation (NFV) as part of extended Software-defined Networking (SDN) platforms.

We’re ready to share our knowledge and expertise to help you scope the right tools for your customer or your own service provider network.  We can then support you all the way to interpreting the data you’ll create and discovering the valuable insight you and your customers crave.

Network Visibility and Analytics Vendors

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