Software-defined local area network (SD-LAN) is the data centre component of a Software-defined Networking (SDN) solution.  By deploying SD-LAN software to every single server in the data centre, policy-based rule sets can be used to simplify and automate server-to-server communication and greatly improve the performance and simplicity of core networks.  For the first time, a singular LAN network fabric can be created regardless of where servers actually exist.  It means the network can now operate across data centres and even multiple clouds.

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Nuvias offers a market-leading portfolio of SD-LANs that build on the principles of SDN to create agile, flexible, and cost-effective networks – capability simply unachievable in traditional architectures.  Our family of solutions delivers exceptional performance and iron-clad security – important ingredients for an SD-LAN to be successful.

These solutions deliver impressive benefits including:

  • Reduced complexity across the entire back-end network chain
  • Lower costs as expensive network controllers are no longer needed and manual tasks are automated
  • Greater application visibility and tuning capabilities to improve app performance
  • Improved reliability and proactive intervention on network and security issues
  • Managed network growth and better responses to changing demands

Why Nuvias for Software-defined LAN?

We support our partners with conceptualising solutions, building the right network architecture, and then defining the policies that will optimise performance.  With our help, you can practically integrate SD-LAN solutions into your customers’ current networks, or build into your own wider cloud or managed service offerings.

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