Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) extends the capabilities of Software-defined Networking (SDN) to the network edge, enabling branch offices and data centres to be connected, even over large geographic distances.  It’s a transformational approach to designing and deploying distributed networks.

Now edge connectivity can be enabled without expensive MPLS circuits – swapped in favour of the public Internet and controlled by centralised tools.

Helping to deliver

Superb network performance by controlling network paths and optimising around the applications of importance.

Zero-touch provisioning – so the setup of new branches can be performed remotely, simply by shipping an appliance to site that plugs in, downloads configurations, and begins functioning.

Automated administration – self-organising appliances at the edge receive policies and function as instructed.  Specify simple rules like de-prioritise recreational traffic to see networks perform to their maximum potential.

Impressive economics – the cost of on-boarding new branches is greatly reduced as dedicated connectivity is no longer needed and less physical hardware is required in-branch.

Importantly, with an SD-WAN deployed, the network is ready to be augmented with additional capabilities which can be added at any time and removed when no longer required.  Through network functions virtualisation (NFV), further functions from network monitoring to disaster recovery can be added to edge network fabric.

Why Nuvias for Software-defined WAN?

Nuvias offers a continuum of solutions suitable for the different challenges your customers will be facing.  We’ll help you create custom solutions and comprehensively demonstrate proof of value and illustrate the wider considerations your customer will need to evaluate in making the right SD-WAN choice.

All of the solutions we recommend come Nuvias-assured, which means we’ve done the testing and market due diligence to ensure they’re a safe bet both operationally and commercially for you and your customer.  This same expert knowledge is put to work for you as you build, deploy, and manage the solutions you sell.  If you’re thinking of launching or enhancing network managed services, we can also show you how to integrate SD-WAN into your offering and monetise these extraordinary capabilities.

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