If users can’t access the applications they need then productivity is damaged. But applications are delivered from everywhere – physical servers, virtual machines, hosted data centres, and public clouds. Monitoring and measuring the performance of these apps from the perspective of the user is critical – but doing so over many delivery mechanisms, across multiple networks and various endpoint devices is complex and uses disparate tools, making a complete picture hard to achieve.

Any piece of the puzzle, any flaw in the service, can slow performance down or cause it to fail completely. Discovering exactly what is causing the issue so it can be resolved before business performance is affected is imperative.

End-to-end user experience monitoring

Nuvias provides the tools that monitor end-user experience. That means every device, every application, and every activity, no matter where on the network, on or off-cloud it occurs. Our solutions isolate end-user issues and identify root causes such as network delay, infrastructure availability, application code issues, configuration changes, and more. This enables IT teams to pinpoint where problems exist and take steps to remediate before they escalate and affect end-user experience and business productivity.

Over time, long-term trends in end-user experience can also be analysed, to assess IT performance and correlate with the size, nature, and reoccurrence of issues. Importantly, this can inform IT planning and lead to proactive steps in infrastructure, resource, or expertise development to support application delivery.

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